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Since 2006, we have been exploring vast acres of fine coffee essence and coffee culture.

In 2014, CANTATA KAHVE opened its first boutique coffee shop in Taichung to provide the coffee most exquisite selection of coffee. We believe in the spirit of sharing coffee and friendship. For that reason, we provide the most exquisite and cordial service for your pleasure.

Special selection of coffee products

We provide various coffee products: coffee drip-bags, coffee beans, and exquisite specialty coffee. We persist on fresh roast, hand-picked beans, and the pursuit of quality coffee multi-level taste.

Turkish Coffee

Combination of Turkish and local brewing to pursuit exquisit specialty coffee taste. To provide you with comfort of brewing your favorite coffee at home, we have imported hand-made Turkish coffee pots, cezve, adhere to the highest quality coffee to you.

Coffee Brewing

We have various coffee brewing options: drip coffee, iced-coffee, and of course our famous siphon coffee. Mellow and sweet flavor just for you.

Coffee Gift Box

For special occasions, coffee is the best present ever. Cantata Kahve coffee gift box is elegantly designed and full of delicious coffee flavors. We have various package styles and budget options.

Coffee Education

You have a passion for coffee, or interested in deepening your knowledge about it? We have the best learning experience for you. Starting with basics, we have classes for coffee roasting, siphon coffee, aroma, latte art and so on..All including realtime practice.

Coffee Wholesale Servie

You are also from within coffee industry, and need some help? Cantata Kahve consultancy servies is here for your help. We would be more than happy to share our expertise with you, for your coffee business.

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